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Welcome to the Fixify Wiki.

This is an open collaboration wiki for fixers, containing troubleshooting guides, software information, links, repair guides, product info and other information. is a great repair guide wiki but is limited to repair guides. Various forums contain lots of information but forums are a terrible way of storing information. The FixifyWiki is designed to solve these problems by presenting information as step-by-step diagnosis and troubleshooting guides.

Feel free to sign up and contribute. To make a new page, open any page, "edit" the page, create a link, save page, click on the link you just created and start writing your new page.


Troubleshoot your device (Hierarchial troubleshooting guide for everything)

General Diagnosis Guides (General tips, tricks and guides on diagnosing problems)

Repair Guides (guides on how to repair things)

Software Guides (guides on how to fix software problems)


The information in this Wiki is provided for information purposes only. Neither Fixify Limited nor any contributor will be held liable for any action you take with regard to the information provided in this Wiki.

Please see our full terms page.

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