Buying Guide

Buying things on Fixify is much like any other online store or auction site. When bidding on an auction enter a bid amount and select "place bid".

When buying a thing to fix you must be aware of the following:

  • if the item is in the "Things to Fix" category the item is faulty in some way and will need repair or may not be repairable.
  • you are buying the item for repair, salvage, parts or recycling and not for normal use.
  • the item may be unsafe for use in its current state. The seller should make this clear.
  • there may be other faults, damage or issues, apart from those described by the seller. The seller must describe the faults to the best of their ability but it is possible there are faults that they are unable to diagnose, e.g. a phone with a broken screen may have many faults that can't be determined until a new screen is installed. 
All bids are auto bids

Please be aware that all bids are 'auto bids' setting a maximum bid amount. This means that bids will automatically be placed for you whenever you are outbid up to the maximum bid amount.

Buy Now

If a "Buy Now" is available for the auction you may purchase the item outright for the "Buy Now" price. You can also combine multiple items together to buy them.