About Us

Fixify is an online platform for connecting fixers to broken things. If you have broken things or want to fix something, Fixify is the place for you.

What you can do on Fixify

  • Buy something that's broken or faulty.  
  • Sell something that's broken or faulty. 
  • Buy or Sell parts or tools for fixing things. 
  • Find someone to fix something for you or offer your services.
  • Discuss repair and other issues with other fixers on our Forum.
  • Use or contribute to our device fault diagnosis wiki

Full circle

The world is now realising that the old ‘linear’ economic model is not sustainable and we need to move to a ‘circular’ economic model as quickly as possible.

A linear economy is one where we take natural resources, make something, use it, then throw it in the rubbish, polluting in the process. A circular economy is one in which we use a cycle of making, using, reusing, remaking, recycling and making again.


Fixers are the truly amazing people who fix, repair, hack, modify and refurbish things that are broken, faulty or no longer usable. Fixers breathe life into faulty, broken and discarded things so others can enjoy them.

Fixers are an important part of the reuse stage in a circular economy, fixing things that would otherwise go to waste and enabling them to be reused.


Fixify is an online space for helping people get things fixed by fixing themselves, buying something to fix or selling them to a fixer. Fixify was created by a fixer frustrated that there wasn’t somewhere dedicated to Fixers, a special place for trading broken stuff, finding information and discussing with other fixers.

There are of course lots of broken and faulty items for sale on auction sites like Trademe. However, Trademe is setup to cater to everyone and simply isn't structured to suit fixers who need to find broken stuff quickly and easily without sorting through the rest of the clutter.

Fixify is similar to other online auction/trading sites, just like Trademe or eBay. Setup an account, list things to sell or buy things to fix. However, Fixify is structured so that all the faulty/broken stuff is collected together under the "Things to Fix" category and can be filtered by the type of fault. Can you repair screens? great, just filter fault type by "screen" and all the devices with broken screens will be shown.

If you are a fixer or want to become a fixer, then please buy some things to fix and get fixing!

If you have something that is broken, faulty or unusable, please setup an account and list it on here so that it can see a new life.